Only her second lesson…

A learner driver was red-faced after she flipped her instructor’s car onto its roof on her second lesson.

The driver, aged in her 20s, lost control after she locked the steering wheel to the right and stamped on the accelerator pedal as she left a junction.
But instead of joining the road the brand new black Fiat 500 performed a high-speed u-turn straight into a garden gate.

He said: “The driver was turning right into Old Road from a standstill. She had the steering wheel on full lock and accelerated.
“The car effectively performed a u-turn and drove up my garden gate before quite gracefully landing upside down on my drive.
“It’s a relatively unusual way to announce your arrival in front of someone’s house on a Sunday morning but most astonishing is how such a small car can accelerate so quickly.
“No-one was hurt but the instructor and his pupils were a bit shaken up.
“It’s not the ideal way to end your second lesson and it could be a long while before she’s ready for her test.”

“The girl kept saying she couldn’t believe it and that it was only her second lesson.
“She was understandably quite shocked. The instructor was more like ‘c’est la vie, accidents happen’.”

pahahahaha brilliant đŸ˜›
– News Story


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