BBC to beam general election results on to Big Ben

The results of the general election are to be projected on to Big Ben for the first time, as part of an initiative between the BBC and Parliament.

The number of seats won by the three largest Westminster parties will be updated over the course of the night.
The images, illustrating the state of the parties, will be beamed from the moment the first result is declared until about 0530 BST the next morning.

The results projection, which will be removed after dawn on 7 May, will feature a “winning line”, representing the 326 seats that any party will need to win to be sure of an outright victory.
The idea was approved by the parliamentary authorities, responsible for the management of its buildings.

They’re pulling out all the stops mayne xD
– News Story


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  1. 1

    Ammara said,

    i wonder who thought of that…its pretty cooltings (Y)
    politics never looked so pretty 🙂

  2. 2

    maranews said,

    hehe, to be fair right, they always do it for the countdown and things you’d think they’d project more cool stuffs when they have the chance just for fun 😛

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