Thousands nursing secret sex injuries

Hundreds of thousands of embarrassed Britons are suffering in silence every year after injuring themselves during sex.

Despite the upholstery, the sofa proved to be the riskiest place to have sex – mainly because of the number of wine glasses and plates left lying around during passionate nights in.
Unsurprisingly, stairs were the second most dangerous place for lovemaking ahead of the family car and the shower. Other hazardous locations included chairs, the kitchen table, the lavatory and office cupboards.

One in 10 people said they or their partner had fallen off the bed during sex and one in 50 said they had fallen off a washing machine during the act.

Some more energetic people admitted accidentally smashing a hole in a wall or breaking chests of drawers or doors.

Most common injuries during sex:
1. Pulled muscle
2. Injured back
3. Carpet burns
4. Cricked neck
5. Bashing elbows / knees
6. Bruised shoulder
7. Twisted knee
8. Sprained / strained wrist
9. Sprained / strained ankle
10. Bending fingers back

Most dangerous locations:
1. Sofa
2. Stairs
3. Car
4. Shower
5. Bedroom
6. On a chair
7. Kitchen table
8. Garden
9. Lavatory
10. In a work cupboard (<<< What the… :P)

Hmmmm guess that whole lets have sex in teh shower idea might not be so great…:P


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