‘Ugly’ chick born with four wings

A bizarre and “ugly” looking bird was born out of a chicken egg with four wings.

The extremely rare chicken-guinea fowl hybrid, which is called a guin, was born on Lyn Newman’s smallholding.
The 59 year-old raises a number of fowl in Defford, Worcs, but she was astonished when one of her eggs hatched into a weird looking bird even she couldn’t identify.

A rogue guinea had mated with one of her hens, which left the ugly chick.
The four wings are a result of a genetic mutation because of the cross-species breeding.
“I was just shocked when I saw that this thing that hatched had four wings,” she said.
“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no idea what it was until I did some digging around on the internet.

“She’s a real character and is one of the gang. I’m thinking of selling her at auction, as apparently guinea-chicken crosses are very rare and also infertile. I’m sure that she will find a very loving home, and that people won’t be put off by her four wings.”
Sharon Boundy, who operates UK Guinea Fowl, said the hybrid bird sounded like a freak of nature with its four wings.
“It is very rare for chickens and guinea fowl to breed. I’ve only known of one other guinea-chick in my many years in the business,” she said.
“It’s especially unusual for them to have four wings though – I’ve never heard of anything like it.
“It’s not dangerous for the two species to breed but they don’t tend to go near each other.”
She added: “But obviously a guinea fowl just fancied a chicken for a change. Crosses between species can be very odd looking, and this seems to be no exception.”
– News Story


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