Pensioner’s seven year jigsaw battle ‘ends with one piece missing’

A pensioner, Jack Harris, who spent seven-and-a-half years working on a 5000-part jigsaw finally completed the puzzle only to find there was one piece missing.

The 86 year-old started the gruelling puzzle in 2002 when it was bought for him as a Christmas gift by his daughter-in-law Eve.
He began work on the jigsaw, which depicts James Tissot’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son”, with the intention of completing it by the summer.

When he finally began putting the final parts together he was dismayed to find that he had only 4999 pieces with one tiny hole in the middle.
The whereabouts of the missing piece is a mystery, but the family believe it may have been thrown away by mistake or eaten by one of his son’s two dogs.
His daughter-in-law, who is married to his son Trevor, said Mr Harris was “so disappointed” when he found there was one piece missing.

She added: “He was just so disappointed when he found one bit was missing. It’s sad really because now it will never be completed.”
Mr Hughes has a new jigsaw given to him every year by his family but he has been particularly stumped by this one.
He was initially helped by Doris, his wife, before she died in February 2004 leaving him to complete the task on his own.

I love the fact they even twisted the death of his wife into controversy for the jigsaw?! 😛
– news story


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  1. 1

    Ammara said,

    thats so sad
    yet sweet
    i would so kill myself cos i wouldnt have closure 😦

  2. 2

    Chu said,

    hahaha oh i could imagine… we’d have to literally handcraft that last piece to make you happy 😛

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