Cape Town’s ‘burglar-proof’ house

A British woman and her husband frustrated with high crime rates in Cape Town have built a house they claim is burglar-proof.

Eileen Mijlof said she had lost count of the number of times she was burgled in her South African home.
So when she and her husband, Jelle, decided to move, it was to a custom-designed Y-shaped fortress that the pair claim is impossible to break in to.

Unusually for middle-class South African homes, the property at the foot of Table Mountain does not have burglar bars, alarms, electric fencing or trellis security doors, because the first floor is nearly 50ft above the ground.

He completed the house in 2000, and the couple, who have been married 20 years, are now selling the fortress in the Higgovale suburb to move to the whale-watching town of Hermanus.
The house, which enjoys panoramic views of Cape Town and the ocean beyond, is on the market for about £1.1m.
Mrs Mijlof said: “They said the Titanic would never sink, so I should be careful but it is virtually impossible to break in to. You’d need a crane or long ladders to get in. A lot of the houses round here have been broken into even though they’ve got security – but not us, not in the 10 years we’ve lived here. We’ve got the safest house in South Africa, if not Africa.”
– News Story


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