‘Replace St George With An English Oak’

Dragon-slaying martyr St George should be replaced as a symbol of England, university academics have said.

With national identity in sharp focus leading up to the World Cup, experts at the University of Nottingham have come up with a new idea.
They believe the English oak would be a far better symbol.
“St George is a peculiar symbol,” says Dr Markus Eichhorn, from the University’s school of biology.
“He was Turkish, he never visited this country and he has no particular associations with England.”
He added: “What better symbol of England than the oak which has been a key element of the country’s culture, geography and economy for thousands of years?”
Dr Eichhorn suggests May 29th as a potential date for a new English national day, replacing St George’s Day on April 23rd.

Already known as Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day, it marks the day Charles II hid from the rebel forces in an oak tree after the battle of Worcester in 1651.
When the monarchy was restored in 1660 he decreed the date should be celebrated and that trees should be dressed as part of the festivities.
Dr Eichhorn makes the case for a new national day in a series of online videos examining the different aspects of trees.

Wouldnt it be really weird though if like our national emblem was a tree… it’d feel like medieval times where we fly random crests on our flag :P?
– News Story


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