‘Fastest pensioner’ during London marathon ‘took ten-mile short cut’

A runner who was thought to have recorded the fastest time for the London Marathon for someone aged over 65 took a ten-mile short cut.

Anthony Gaskell, 69, crossed the finishing line this year in just three hours and five minutes.
He was due to receive a plaque to mark his record time but plans were abandoned after an analysis of the second half of his race found that he would have to have run it in under an hour – a feat that not even the world record holder, Haile Gebrselassie, could match.

He said: “I have been called a cheat and disqualified from a race I never claimed to have won.”
“I simply walked through a short cut to the end of the course where my belongings were waiting for me. I had no idea that anyone thought I’d won.
“I didn’t bother to check the website for the final standings because I knew I had dropped out.”
Mr Gaskell’s disqualification means that Colin Rathbone, 66, who finished 38 seconds behind Mr Gaskell after completing the full 26 miles and 385 yards, will receive the plaque.
– News Story


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