Healthy baby boy born ‘after mother endured 20 day labour’

The 17 year-old gave birth to Daniel almost five months prematurely after suffering stomach pains and contractions for almost three weeks.
Her son, who was given only a 15 per cent chance of survival by doctors, weighed just 1lb 3oz (600g).

“He’s a happy little baby. He said Mummy for the first time on mother’s day. I was so excited. He’s a big mummy’s boy. I had already thought I might be miscarrying and by 15 weeks I had already had four scans.”
Amy, who lives with the her son’s father Martin Barwell, a 20-year-old car dealer, added: “Then at 19 weeks and five days I went into labour. Until then there had been no other complications, I just felt a bit uncomfortable. But I thought it was natural. The nurses sent me home saying it was just my womb but I knew there was something wrong.
”I just thought the staff would know when somebody was in labour. I was getting a lot of hot flushes, was very very tired and short of breath. I had cramps and contractions all the time and they got worse and worse.

‘They tried to stop the labour because my body wasn’t strong enough and he was so early. I started timing my pains even thought I thought there was no way I was in labour already. But the nurses told me I had been.”

Patrick O’Brien, an obstetrician at London’s University College Hospital, said: “What probably happened is that her waters partially broke very early in the pregnancy and an infection got into the womb. This caused her considerable pain and would have made her cervix dilate – just as if she was in labour.
“At some point the infection would have triggered her to go into actual labour, although as she was already experiencing many of the symptoms it would be unclear when this was.’
“The average labour is about 12 hours long for someone having their first baby, and the longest I’ve heard of was 48 hours.”
– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    i saw the title n my stomach tightened 😐

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    Chu said,

    😛 the baby looks kinda weird…

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