The Lego and felt-tip pen printer that actually works

Lego has long been a decisively cool children’s toy – there’s no embarrassment in admitting to having spent hours as a child building Lego castles or playing pirates with Lego galleons – but one 29-year-old computer programmer from Manchester has taken his childhood love of Lego a step further and created a fully-functional Lego and felt-tip pen printer that actually works.
Adam, who prefers to keep his surname private, spent three weeks building the plastic contraption in the evenings after work.

The finished product, a fully-functioning printer complete with Lego work men, one palm tree and felt-tip pen ink, used more than 300 pieces of Lego taken from various Lego sets he had as a child.
Since he filmed the printer and uploaded the clip to YouTube a week ago, Adam and his Lego and felt-tip pen device, has received nearly one million hits.
The software engineer and computer programmer said: “I had no idea it would be so popular. A friend suggested I post it to the b3ta site as people on there will love it”.
The Lego pieces used to make the printer include six Lego people, 70 red bricks, one Lego palm tree and two Lego horses as well as 110 Lego beams, six rubber bands, 60 joiners and 40 flat Lego pieces.
Non-Lego bits include three connecting wires, four paper rollers and two large flat mounting boards.
Three motors power the little machine.
He estimates that the novelty printer can manage approximately 75 dots per inch with its single felt-tip pen and roughly one page per minute. Font-wise the printer uses a Helvetica type-face.
Talking about why he made the printer, Adam said: “I just like projects like this, kind of a hobby. I kind of dabbled with it here and there. Most pieces came from various sets I had as a child.”
He initially planned to make a three-colour printer but only had four Lego motors restricting him to using only one felt-tip pen.

Its actually brilliant… i want one =]
– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    hehehe oh this is so sumthing i can see u doing (:

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