World Cup 2010: Health officials tell fans to ditch beer and crisps for water and grapes

World Cup party hosts are urged to serve apples and grapes rather than crisps, while those grabbing a takeaway are warned to “choose a shish kebab with pitta bread and salad rather than a doner kebab”.
In a section entitled “down the pub”, fans are told: “Enjoying the match at your local pub can be great fun, but the snack and meal choices tend to be limited.
“Bar snacks are often high in salt and fat, particularly saturated fat. Give pork scratchings a miss and go for unsalted peanuts.”
It adds: “With some of the matches starting in the evening, you might have time to eat your evening meal at home before you go out.
“Don’t feel pressured by those around you to drink more than you want to. Skip a round or opt for a soft drink – how about try a sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime?”
The guidance also lists some globally-inspired World Cup food suggestions including: “Go Italian and enjoy spaghetti with aubergine.”

Heh this health association are gonna be cut from the government spending… and you can kind asee why?:P


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    Ammara said,

    yes defo
    wen watching a world cup match one does enjoy a plate of spaghetti with aubergine 🙂

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