Police astonished by rectal capacity of prison smuggler

Police in Washington state were amazed to discover the amount of contraband one prisoner was able to smuggle into a jail by hiding it up his rectum.

Authorities in Wenatchee, Washington, were surprised to find that the man had managed to sneak a cigarette lighter, cigarette papers, a bag of tobacco the size of a golf-ball, a bottle of tattoo ink, eight tattoo needles, a small baggie of what was thought to be marijuana, and an inch-long smoking pipe into jail by hiding them up himself.
The man was booked into the jail last Wednesday on a disorderly conduct charge, said Chelan County Regional Justice Center administrator Phil Stanley, and nothing was discovered when he was initially strip searched.
But when a prison official later discovered a plastic bag and duct tape in the toilet, the prisoner was questioned again and eventually handed over the contraband.
Wenatchee Police Department spokesman Sergeant John Kruse told the Wenatchee World newspaper: ‘We were all wondering, “How do you put all that up there?” The tobacco was pretty impressive; it was a good ounce.’
– News Story


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