Robber botched raid on bookies by colliding with bin

Grenville Martin, 32, had to have the note handed back by a punter so that he could order staff to hand over £50.
Rachel Green, deputy manager of the Ladbrokes in Poole, Dorset, was unsure if Martin was serious and asked him if he wanted more than £50, which he declined.
She only complied after becoming concerned when he repeated in a menacing voice that he had a gun.
Martin was still carrying the £50 when he was arrested a short while later by a police officer who recognised the description of the robber.
Jenny Rickman, prosecutingat Bournemouth Crown Court, described the robbery as “a little unusual.”
She said: “He appeared drunk and was walking unsteadily when he collided with a bin.
“He dropped a piece of paper and it was handed back to him before he leant across towards the deputy manager and said ‘give me 50 pounds, I have a gun.'”
Martin, of no fixed abode, told police he committed the robbery on April 24 to fund a heroin habit that cost him £100 a day.

– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    oh…..oh dear
    that was funny till the heroin addiction bit :\

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