Festival Footwear: Dance To Charge Your Phone

Festival goers will be able to charge their mobile phones by simply stomping their wellie-clad feet this summer.

The wellies produce more and more energy the hotter the feet get
Orange has launched boots which can recharge a handset using a “power-generating” sole.
The Orange Power Wellies, which were developed by renewable energy experts GotWind, convert heat from the feet into an electrical current.
Twelve hours of fancy footwork can generate enough energy to power a mobile phone for one hour.

The Glastonbury Festival is infamous for its muddy setting in Somerset
Andrew Pearcey, Orange head of sponsorship, said: “Orange remain loyal to the green ethos of the Glastonbury Festival and are committed to researching exciting new energy sources that can be used on site to ensure people can stay in touch with their nearest and dearest.”
The high-tech boots will be showcased at the Glastonbury Festival, which is sponsored by Orange.

They needed this kinda shiz on junior apprentice(Y)
– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    its a good idea but like 12 hours of dancing for one hour of foneness :\

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