Burglar did the washing up at homes he broke into

‘Raffles-style’ thief Lee Dixon did the washing up at country homes he raided.

Which was obviously very thoughtful of him. But what wasn’t so thoughtful was the fact that he looted jewellery, cash and gems from the owners.
The 35-year-old began thieving high-value items in a bid to pay off a £10,000 debt he ran up after losing his job as a labourer.
During a 10-month crime spree Dixon stole £120,000 worth of items from 105 properties.
The jury at Bristol Crown Court heard how he was a ‘gentleman, Raffles-style’ burglar, who would sometimes do the dishes at properties he raided and always kept damage to a minimum.
Dixon’s partner didn’t know anything about his huge debt – or that when he said he was going out to work, he was actually breaking into country mansions and putting the Fairy Liquid to good use.
Police arrested Dixon, from Frome, Somerset, after he was caught using stolen Marks and Spencer vouchers and discovered to their amazement that his fingerprints linked him to over 100 break-ins.
Detective Constable Nicola Caffrey said: ‘He has been co-operative throughout and admitted to each burglary.
‘We drove him to areas where we thought he may have committed one and he took us to where they happened. He hasn’t come to police notice before, and there were no drugs involved or gambling debts, he worked alone just to support his everyday living.
‘We are delighted to have caught him, it was a needle in a haystack job. He is such a normal type of guy, he doesn’t stand out at all.’
– News Story


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