Fetcham woman, 94, loses £176,000 to rogue traders

A 94-year-old woman in Surrey has been repeatedly duped by fraudsters and conned out of more than £176,000.

Surrey Police said criminals “persistently targeted” the frail pensioner in Fetcham from September 2009 until June this year.

Det Insp David Cooper said it was a “sustained and merciless” fraud on a level he had not seen before.

He said several suspects were involved, but the woman was unable to give descriptions because of her frailty.

Police said the victim was first duped in September 2009 when a man who called himself Mr Matthews said her roof needed repairing.

He offered to carry out repairs for £48,000 and the money was paid, but it is not known what work was actually done.

Two months later, in November 2009, the woman paid a further £23,000 to the same man and then a further £10,000 to a Mr Sparrow who claimed he worked for an insurance company overseeing the work.

In January 2010, Mr Sparrow returned to the woman’s house and said building regulations had changed. He demanded a further £48,000 which was paid by cheque.

Between January and April, the victim handed over three more cheques totalling £28,000. Then between May and June this year, the victim handed over £19,135.

Det Insp Cooper said the total amount defrauded was £176,135.
– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    oh no…
    oh im sad 😦
    will she get the money back?

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