Mystery handyman makes repairs council considered too costly

As he wondered why his council did nothing to fix the broken benches and fences scarring his neighbourhood, Stephen Rimmer felt he was in danger of becoming a “grumpy old man”.

Now Mr Rimmer, 37, has been recognised as a hero in his neighbourhood after 12 weeks spent secretly sneaking out at night to fix benches and fences.

Locals had been mystified to wake up and find their amenities fixed and wondered who was behind the clearing up and mending.
Mr Rimmer finally decided to unmask himself and is believed to have saved Oldham Council around £3,000 repairing 18 broken benches and fences.
Even council officials have now recognised that he showed “great community spirit” in carrying out the tasks they had failed to do.
”I forked out my own money to buy the paint and other supplies to make the repairs but it’s been worth it just to make the area look better,” said Mr Rimmer.
”I had a bit of a grumpy old man attitude when I saw broken benches when I was out on my bike. These benches had been like that for years, yet you only needed to move your head a few degrees to see something that could be used to fix it.”
Mr Rimmer spent night loading up his mountain bike with his own wood and tools and pedalling the streets. He used the remnants of pruned trees and a blowtorch to make new planks.
– News Story


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    Ammara said,

    wat a goon i love it (:
    see people like that really make me think they theyre r some AWESOME people out there

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