Clumsy crook leaves ID with stolen goods

Mark Chesney left the loot from a break-in covered with his jacket containing a medical prescription, a pawnbroker’s receipt and a mobile phone contract.

All the documents revealed his name, leading police to immediately trace him back to his home in Billingham, near Stockton, Teesside.
The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to handling the stolen goods after denying the actual crime, which took place on March 4.
Chesney told police he found a bag near the house, which contained jewellery and electrical items worth £1,600, but dumped it in a field with his jacket to cover it, to come back for it later.
But when he returned, the stash was already found by someone else, who called the police with his details.
Chesney’s laywer, Andrew Turton, told Teesside Crown Court: ‘He was foolish enough to leave his coat with ID documents over the bag.’
Despite the twice convicted burglar’s fingerprints found inside the garage of the house, he denies being responsible for the original theft.


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