China seeks ‘panda ambassadors’ for conservation job

The six “Pambassadors” as they have been dubbed, will get to spend this October at one of China’s best-known Panda reserves working closely with keepers, feeding the baby pandas and learning about panda conservation.
The highlight will be a unique opportunity to witness the births of several pandas that are expected at the Chengdu Panda Base this October.

“You will perform as photographer, videographer, journalist, scientist, and researcher in the course of one of the best months of your life!,” according to the competition, which is being organised in conjunction with WWF China.
Pandas are referred to as “national treasures” in China, but there are currently just 1,600 left in the wild, with another 300 in captive-bred programmes, mainly in China, according to official reports.
“We hope that through this project more and more people will join our mission to protect pandas and will realise the importance of preserving wild habitats,” said Zhang Zhihe, head of the Chengdu Panda Base.
Successful candidates for the post must be aged 18-40 and will receive free flights out to Chengdu and accommodation with a host family.
Applications, which close on September 5th, can be made by video message on the website with an international panel of judges selecting the final six from a shortlist of 12 hopefuls.
Conservationists in China are currently experimenting with re-introducing pandas into the wild, and released four captive-bred pregnant pandas into an area of Sichuan forest last month to prepare their future cubs for life in the wild, state media reported.
However, the task has proved difficult with the only attempt at releasing a captive-bred panda into nature ending in failure when Xiang Xiang, a male cub who was trained to adapt to the wild and released in 2006, was found dead 10 months later, apparently killed by wild pandas native to the area.


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    Ammara said,

    dude why wuld the wild pandas kill the other panda 😐

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