Google doodle: new grey design deepens logo mystery

Users visiting the search engine’s home page this morning were greeted with a grey version of the search engine logo.
When the user types characters into the search bar the Google letters light up for the first six keyboard inputs.

So typing “Google” into the search bar, for example, will mean the grey logo will gradually transform into the usual Google colours.
The new interactive design comes a day after Google released a doodle featuring dozens of coloured balls.
The balls could be dispersed around the page by moving the mouse, but gradually formed into the Google logo if left alone.
Google has released no clues for the reasoning behind the doodles.
Online speculation has suggested they have been commissioned either to mark the 12th anniversary of search engine’s official incorporation on September 7 1998 or to encourage users to update their web browser.
Reports indicate that the interactive doodle featuring coloured balls was not visible to people accessing the internet using early versions of Internet Explorer.
The grey Google doodle is the fourth interactive design released by the tech giant.
Last weekend Google marked the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the “buckyball”, a spherical dome of exotic molecules of carbon, with a special moving design.
The animated logo replaced the logo’s middle O letter with an orange ball. It then formed into the “buckyball”, which is a form of carbon composed of 60 atoms.
By scrolling their mouse across the logo, users could twist and turn the ball, which has replaced the search engine’s usual logo on its home page.
The logo was rolled out across the world on Saturday to celebrate the quarter of a century since its discovery.
Google also launched an interactive doodle in May to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac-Man.
That design, which went public on Friday, May 21, 2010, was the first doodle to be fully interactive. The Pac-Man character could be moved by using the arrow keys on the user’s keyboard.
Google Doodles have become newsworthy in their own right after the technology firm started using the customised versions of its logo to mark what it considered significant occasions.
The first of them was used in August 1998 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the firm’s founders, designed one for the Burning Man Festival.


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  1. 1

    le Singe said,

    you like pac man check out the video this swiss artist made, it’s pretty awesome.

  2. 2

    Ammara said,

    i did wonder bout this :\
    it was fun playing with it though (:

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