‘Devil’ appears in bathroom tile

The appearance of the Satan image has left her family fearing that the bathroom in their Budapest home has been possessed by the forces of evil.
Husband Laszlo, 52, had renovated the room at great expense, fitting it with a heavenly new bath, shower and tiles – but it’s made life hell.
Forty-seven-year-old Mrs Csrefko spotted the terrifying horned image after her first shower.
She told The Sun: ‘I was naked coming out of the shower and I could suddenly see his eyes staring into me. I just screamed and ran.’
Laszlo added: ‘We can’t clean it off and it wasn’t there when we put the tiles up. It just appeared overnight and nothing can move it.
‘The room is always ice cold no matter how high we turn the heating up and we’ve just stopped using it because it’s too spooky.
‘We wash in the sink downstairs now.’
It looks like getting rid of the image is a job too big for Flash – the Hungarian couple are summoning an exorcist to flush the evil spirits from their lavatory tiling.


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    Ammara said,

    but wats the devil meant to look like :\

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