Machine which ‘recycles’ noise wins award

The New Music Award and £50,000 in prize money were given to liminal, which is made up of composer David Prior and architect Frances Crow.
Their idea, called the Organ Of Corti, collects sounds and filters them out through a machine which looks like a fairground organ.

Charlotte Higgins, chairman of the judging panel, said: ”After a long, sometimes difficult, and always stimulating debate, it was the judges’ eventual – and unanimous – decision to award the prize to the Organ Of Corti.
”The judges admired the quiet beauty of the idea of ‘recycling’ sound in a world saturated by noise and overwhelmed by music.
”In a world obsessed by the glitz and glamour of large-scale, bells-and-whistles events, the thoughtful, discreet and gentle idea of the Organ Of Corti utterly caught their imagination.”
The award, which recognises groundbreaking ideas in music, was handed out at a ceremony at the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in central London.


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    Ammara said,

    thats actually pretty beautiful 🙂

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