Is this the Devil in a fire – or Disco Stu from The Simpsons?

The fire was started as part of a training excercise in Katherine, near the city of Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory.
Firefighters took pictures of the blaze – and were amazed to see the face appear in one of the images.
Job Network Service organiser Emma Branigan – who received the photo last month from the fire crew – said: ‘It’s pretty amazing. The men were taking photos around RAAF Base Tindal, Katherine… and one man happened to capture this one-off image.
‘The men all thought that there was definitely something spooky about the unknown face amongst the flames.’
But is the face unknown? As regular readers of these pages will know, faces appearing in unexpected places generally get attributed to either the Devil or Jesus. But we think we’ve identified who the mysterious apparition really is. It’s Disco Stu from The Simpsons:

We think you’ll agree that the picture evidence above is pretty conclusive on the matter. Stuart ‘Disco Stu’ Anderson is clearly manifesting in occult, eldritch ways in Northern Australia, in a demonic attempt to spread his love of mid-Seventies dance music to the local populace. Case closed.


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