Teenagers saved from drowning by space hopper

The large rubber inflatable with handles was thrown to the pair after they were dragged too far out to reach a life buoy.
The girls – aged 15 and 16 – used the space hopper as a float as they swam towards the buoy before being rescued by lifeboat crews.

Coastguards, police and the ambulance service were also involved in the rescue on Saturday evening.
The teenagers, who have not been named, were swept off a sea wall in Dawlish, east Devon, and dragged about 59ft (18m) out to sea at about 6.30pm.
A group of young men heard their screams and raced along the wall to throw them a life buoy, but were unable to reach them.
A neighbour who heard the commotion then came out with the space hopper and threw it into the sea.
Leigh Jarratt, one of the rescuers, said: “We were just trying to scream to them to swim to the life buoy.
“To be honest the only thing that saved them was one of my other neighbours, Shane, he brought out a space hopper.
“Matt, with a brilliant throw, managed to get it right next to the girls and they managed to get hold of the space hopper for a long enough time to be able to get hold of the life buoy. The space hopper saved the day.”
The girls were taken to the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, where the 15-year-old was treated for secondary drowning – a condition in which water has entered the lungs and can cause the patient to drown several hours after being rescued. She was kept in overnight and her current condition is not known.


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