Could Ditching The Debit Card Help Dieters?

People who are struggling to lose weight should start paying for their supermarket shopping in cash, a new study suggests.
The diet tip stems from a study that found shoppers who used a credit or debit card to pay had more junk food in their trolleys than cash shoppers.
According to the report’s authors, the pain of paying in cash can curb impulsive urges to buy treats.
“Credit card payments, in contrast, are relatively painless and weaken impulse control,” they said.
The study, from the academics at America’s Cornell and New York State universities, looked at the behaviour of 1,000 individuals shopping at the same store over a period of six months.
Around half of the shopping trips involved cash payments, while the other half, which were larger, average spends, were paid for by card.
When paying for their groceries by card, shoppers spent significantly more on impulsive items classified as “vice products” than when they paid by cash.
Meanwhile, the proportion of so-called “virtue products”, or the essentials they set out for, remained the same.

The study also found people were less likely to buy impulsive, unhealthy food products at weekends – possibly due to the fact they had taken the time to write a shopping list.
“The epidemic increase in obesity suggests that regulating impulsive purchases and consumption of unhealthy food products is a steep challenge for many consumers,” wrote the authors.
They pointed out that the realisation that using plastic cards increased the likelihood of buying unhealthy food could be key for some consumers.
Researchers Manoj Thomas, Kalpesh Kaushik Desai and Satheeshkumar Seenivasan also suggested there may be a connection between rising obesity and a growing use of debit and credit cards in western societies.


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    Ammara said,

    its true im fat and i use my card to be fat 😦

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