Israeli chess grandmaster takes world record from Iran

A Guinness representative confirmed the new record on Israeli army radio.
Alik Gershon, 30, won 86 per cent of the games he played against amateurs in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. He won 454, lost 11 and drew the other 58.

He needed to win at least 80 per cent to seal the record, which previously stood at 500 simultaneous games.
As he played his final move on the very last chess board, Mr Gershon shook the player’s hand before raising his arms in victory.
“It’s a very sweet feeling,” he said after having the record confirmed. “It’s something which we prepared for for a very long time; we couldn’t have failed. I am very, very happy that I made it.”
Training for the event, which was sponsored by the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency and the Israeli Chess Federation, was purely physical and included a lot of jogging and swimming, the former Israeli champion said.
“There are a lot of kilometres to walk and you have to stay focused,” he said, noting that his Iranian rival, Morteza Mahjoob, walked 25 miles to secure his record.
Mr Mahjoob set his record in August 2009 in a feat which took him 18 hours and with less than five seconds for each move.
“Hopefully all our wars against Iran will be on the chess board,” said a smiling Gershon. “For such wars, I am prepared.”


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    Ammara said,

    i like thta
    ‘for such wars, i am prepared’ (Y) đŸ˜› noice noice heheh

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