Groom breaks leg after getting wedding day ‘break a leg’ text

Instead of walking down the aisle, the 42-year-old went to hospital for emergency surgery, leaving fiancee Emma Byrne to hold their reception on her own.

Mr Fortey said: ‘I really wanted to ride a Harley-Davidson to my wedding. I never imagined in a million years that I’d end up coming off it – especially after being told to break a leg.
‘I can see the irony in it now but it wasn’t very funny at the time.’
He said his cousin Wendy, who sent the text, felt ‘pretty bad’ about the incident, in which a car crashed into his leg.
Mr Fortey added: ‘I was quite emotional while I was in hospital. It was awful thinking I should have been enjoying being married to Emma and instead I was heavily sedated on a hospital ward.
‘A lot of our guests had travelled a long way to the wedding and we’d forked out thousands for entertainment, food and a disco, so I told Emma to hold the party anyway.’
After visiting her stricken groom in hospital, Miss Byrne left to cut her wedding cake alone and perform a solo first dance.
The 28-year-old, of Northampton, said: ‘It was tough going by myself instead of with my husband but neither of us wanted to see all our hard work go to waste.
‘When Nick is fully recovered, we will do the whole thing properly.
‘I think we’ll be hiring a car to take us to the church, though – unless I can find someone to lend me a tank to get him there safely.
‘And next time, absolutely no one is allowed to tell my husband to break a leg.’

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