Student bets £100 he will still be with girlfriend after two years

Christopher Brooker bet £100 at odds of 6/1 that he and Hannah Grayson, 19, will still be together when they leave Durham University.
The 22-year-old stands to win £600 after staking the bet, which came about after the pair were discussing how difficult it is to maintain a relationship.
As a sign of his commitment, Brooker stumped up the cash to show his seriousness.
Brooker said: ‘Hannah lived in the flat above me and we were on the same course. This is how we became friends and then romance blossomed.
‘We were sitting on the sofa one afternoon talking about how it was especially difficult for students to make commitments with time spent studying and with extra-curricular activities.
‘I decided there and then to make a gesture of commitment and went to the bookies. I never told Hannah about it at first and got in touch with a special odds expert to finalise the details with him.
‘I then told Hannah because I would not be able to do it without her. I’m confident we can see out the course together and go beyond that. I’m not in it for profit, she means more to me than all the money in the world.’
Brooker’s girlfriend, Grayson, explained that she was delighted by the act.
‘I thought it was a really lovely gesture,’ she said.
‘It was touching of him that he wanted to still be with me at graduation, I think we are doing quite well at the moment.’


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    Ammara said,

    ‘i love you so much imwilling to bet on it’
    fanfrickingtastics 😛

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