Countdown censored to remove swear word

Players are given a mixture of nine consonants and vowels, and have thirty seconds in which to rearrange them to make the longest possible word.
But a section of a recent programme had to be edited out after a Cambridge University maths student found a profane use for the letters “DTCEIASHF”.

Audience members saw the funny side when Jack Hurst, 18, spelt out “****face” but the show’s producers were less amused, The Sun reported.
Despite resident language expert Susie Dent confirming to presenter Jeff Stelling that the word, describing a “rude or obnoxious person”, was acceptable Channel 4 ruled that the round would have to be filmed again, with new letters.
A source reportedly joked: “The bizarre thing was he had a spare D – spelling a concept most students are more than familiar with.”
The incident was not the first time the letters board has spelt trouble.
Earlier this year Stelling and Riley visibly squirmed when the letter A was followed by U, D, F, C, K and E, creating a six-letter curse that could have been unsuitable for the airwaves.
But on that occasion the contestants both tactfully ducked the obvious controversy by opting for shorter words.


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    Ammara said,

    i woulda done it
    and been like
    ‘well you were all thinking about it lads’ 😀

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