Artist asks online voters to decide whether he should live or die

The artist is no stranger to controversy, having previously shocked religious leaders by ‘crucifying’ himself for an exhibition.
He then fled to Bulgaria from his native Russia to avoid charges of inciting racial hatred.
In this new stunt, Mavromatti is offering critics a change to get their own back by electrocuting him with thousands of volts.
He will strap himself into an electric chair and ask visitors to the project’s website to place their votes.
100 votes are required for the first 600,000 volt shock, lasting half a second, and 1,000 votes for the second, lasting 1.5 seconds.
The online performance, titled Ally/Foe, will see the artist subjected to a series of five shocks increasing in strength until he dies – depending on the number of votes.
The project’s website states the online performance ‘gives an opportunity for the participants to vote for or against the justification of artist Oleg Mavromati’.
The artist has said: ‘I just want to conduct an opinion poll, just like any normal sociological study does. That’s all.’

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