Gym instructor balloons to 20 stone to understand obesity

Former model Paul ‘PJ’ James, 32, quit his usual healthy diet for fry-ups, kebabs and curries in an attempt to better understand the problems of obesity.
Now, nearly six months into the test, once trim PJ feels tired, lethargic, and with constant cravings for sweet things and high calorie snacks.
“The thing that shocked me most about this diet is its emotional effects,” said PJ, from Melbourne, Australia, who plans to start losing the weight again on July 1

“I’ve become quite addicted to the kinds of fatty sugary food that is bad for you, and it’s going to be hard to get out of that habit.
“I feel tired all the time and quite down. I’m unhappy with how I look, and just don’t feel like doing anything. I used to go out in the evenings, but now I’m glad just to stay at home.”
PJ, who once weighed just 12.5 stone, started his fatness plan on New Year’s Day, to get under the skin of his slightly overweight clients at Doherty’s Gym, who struggle to come to terms with a healthy diet and exercise programme.
“I can really understand how hard it is,” he said. “Once you start eating an unhealthy diet it is tough to break that cycle. I used to enjoy healthy food and eat a lot of lean meat, grilled fish and green leafy vegetables. But now I’ve got the taste for chocolate, biscuits and fizzy drinks. The energy these foods give you is short-lived, so your body is soon wanting more.”
Although PJ still conducts his training classes, he does no exercise himself, and understands better how difficult it is for his pupils to stick to their fitness regimes.
“I feel sluggish all the time now I weigh more,” said PJ, who plans to lose the weight again by Christmas. “I even have a nap for an hour or so between lessons during the day.
“I’m being monitored by a doctor and my cholesterol and blood pressure levels have increased. It hasn’t been too dramatic which is good, but that may be because I was so fit and healthy before this. I wouldn’t want to stay on this food for too long for fear of long term effects.”


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