Chu’s Favourite: Bungling burglars of 2010

Below is the 2010 guide to not getting caught.
Rule 10: Know what you’ve stolen.
Getting your hands on a £675,000 scupture is all well and good but if you then try to flog it off as scrap for £25 it’s all in vain. (link)
Rule 9: Know what you’ve stolen
Maybe it was just bad luck, but a thief who took an iPhone with prototype GPS tracking software proved easy to locate.(link)
Rule 8: Know your victim
Try not to pick a 20 stone amateur wrestler.(link)
Rule 7: Don’t forget what you are doing
A pair of burglars gave themselves away to CCTV cameras when they removed their masks to chat.(link)
Rule 6: Don’t sleep on the job
The sleepy lookout is something of a cliche but if you don’t even have a lookout it’s even more important to keep your eyes open.(link)
Rule 5: Beware Google
The pesky search engine can find anything, so if you are planning on stealing a motor make sure the Street View car is out of sight.(link)
Rule 4: Beware Facebook
If you’re going to break the law, remember not to post evidence online.(link)
Rule 3: If you’re famous, stay inconspicious
Swinging from the cenotaph in front of the assembled photographers is a particularly bad idea if your dad’s an international rock star.(link)
Rule 2: Cover your tracks
Even the bungling Inspector Clouseau would have struggled to miss the criminal who left footprints leading to his hiding place.(link)
Rule 1: Use your head
But not like that.(link)


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