Train driver attacked by seagull, commuters delayed

The driver of the 8.15am train from Hastings to London yesterday morning was walking along the platform when a seagull flew down and struck his head, reports The Daily Mail.

He was checked over by first-aiders following the attack and resumed his duties around 15 minutes later, but not before an announcement had been made explaining the reason for the train’s delay.
One waiting passenger, foster carer Liza Donaghue, told the newspaper: ‘No one had really taken any notice until that point, then everyone looked and started looking at each other and saying, “Did he just say what I thought he said?”
‘Then everyone started laughing. People could not believe it.’

A spokesman for Southeastern Trains said that while seagull attacks are rare, they can be very dangerous.
In Birmingham, locals are also having issues with brazen seagulls, with the birds swooping down on people’s heads and stealing food from their hands.
According to the Birmingham Mail, councillors plan to fill the winged menaces’ nests with fake eggs in a bid to persuade them to keep out of harm’s way.

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