Sunderland Nissan staff to work from ceiling

Hundreds of Nissan staff will be working while suspended from the ceiling following a new training scheme to improve maintenance.

Around 400 workers at the Sunderland plant will be trained to work on their machines while hanging several feet above the ground and in tight spaces.

Currently 20% of maintenance at the plant involves working at a height.

Providing more staff with the skills to maintain the suspended machinery will save time and money, Nissan said.

The training by Advanced Industrial Solutions, in North Shields, means less down time for maintenance work when a team can simply harness up and get to work.

Justin Huskisson, from Nissan, said: “A fifth of all our maintenance and repair jobs involve working at height issues as much of our plant is suspended above the ground.

“Currently there is a small team trained to handle these jobs but we wanted to increase the number of staff able to work at height.

“This will ultimately save on wasted down time as trained staff will be able to simply pull on some kit and scale the heights needed to complete the work. Even straightforward tasks such as changing a light bulb will be so much quicker.”

The maintenance team is responsible for the running of plant across all areas of the business including the body shop, press shop, trim and chassis and paint shop.


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